Meridian 98 Bar_Bee CaveFrom the bar of Meridian 98 | Sonesta Bee Cave Austin – ALL NEW DESTINATION

1 piece           Ginger, Peeled and Sliced

1                      Lemon, Sliced

1                      Blood Orange, Sliced

1/2 cup          Seedless, Red Grapes, Halved

1/2 cup          Seedless, Green Grapes, Halved

4 cups            Unsweet, Chilled Cranberry Juice

2 cups            Chilled, Grape Juice

2 cups            Chilled, Orange Juice

1 cup              Lime Juice

2 bottles        Folie a Deuz Merlot

Optional        Honey

Directions: Place all ingredients into a large pitcher and stir. Taste and add honey to achieve desired sweetness. Enjoy!