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Batter Ingredients:

1 quart                      Carmel Vanilla Ice Cream (Dryers Carmel Delight is the best)

1 pound                     Salted Butter

1 pound                     Brown Sugar

3 teaspoons             Ground Nutmeg

3 teaspoons              Ground Cinnamon

Directions: Put ice cream and butter into a bowl that can be used in an electric mixer and let ingredients arrive at a room temperature where contents are soft. Next, add all of your sugar and spices and mix on medium speed until smooth. Put the batter into a freezer-safe container and freeze until needed. This will make roughly 70 drinks.

Drink Ingredients:

2 ounces                   Sugar Island Spiced Rum

1 ounce                     Sugar Island Coconut Rum (optional)

2 tablespoon            Butter Rum Batter

Boiling Water

Heavy Whipping Cream, for topping

Ground Nutmeg, for topping

Directions: Place the batter, rum and boiling water into an Irish mug, leaving half an inch of room for your topping. Stir until this is thoroughly mixed. In a Boston shaker, vigorously dry-shake 3 oz of heavy whipping cream to create the topping (this should take roughly 45 seconds). Top off the drink with topping and sprinkle with ground nutmeg.