National High Five Day. Extraterrestrial Abductions Day. Jelly Bean Day. If you’ve celebrated any one of these this year, you’ve been a guest at a Sonesta ES Suites Hotel. That’s because we want to add a little levity and fun to every day. It’s all part of our mission to make your stay as memorable as we can, and to make you feel part of the Sonesta family.


Sweet surprises!

There was the day when guests were invited to share photos of their beloved dogs, cats and salamanders (Love Your Pet Day) … when a simple breakfast entrée was transformed into a mountain of whipped cream and fruit (Waffle Day) … and when multi-colored balls flew through the air (International Juggler’s Day). But we don’t wait for these “special days” to create Everyday Surprises. Fresh flowers might suddenly bloom in the lobby. A seasonal coffee flavor might create a stir at the breakfast bar. And movie buffs might be invited to share complimentary popcorn and soda during a special showing of a family-friendly film in the lobby.

We also help you commemorate special months during your stay. March, for instance, was National Women’s History Month. This not only gave us a chance to thank the women at each of our Sonesta ES Suites locations for the many ways they make our guests’ stays unforgettable. It also gave us all a chance to talk about our heroes, from Florence Nightingale to Rosa Parks. And National Crafts Month saw many employees and guests pasting and painting and assembling all sorts of trinkets and projects in our lobbies and lounges.
Everyday Surprises celebrate the individuality of everyone who walks through Sonesta’s doors, including our employees. That’s why we love this surprisingly different way of running a hotel; simply put, everyone has fun here. Both guests and employees of Sonesta ES Suites recognize how much they are truly valued, all thanks to the sense of delight that comes with our Everyday Surprises. Need proof? Consider this: even though Employee Appreciation Day comes once a year, you can be sure that everyone is smiling —from business travelers to families and their kids to housekeeping and receptionists—on Random Acts of Kindness Day and (especially) on Caramel Popcorn Day.
Everyday Surprises … just one way Sonesta ES Suites creates a Surprisingly Different all-suite hotel experience.