ICulture of Caringn our monthly newsletter, we’ve been proud to share with you the spirit of giving that the Sonesta family has so selflessly exhibited. From Boston to Houston and at all of Sonesta’s collection of hotels in between and beyond, employees have tapped into their personal resources to give back to the communities that support us. They have given to the hungry. To students in need of school supplies. To animal shelters. To efforts to protect Loggerhead turtles. And more.

We think there’s no better time than this season of giving to share a little more with you about what our Culture of Caring is all about. For us, it’s the most important aspect of Sonesta. We cherish the opportunity to help and support the communities that so generously support our presence. By doing so, we help preserve the cultures that our guests have traveled so far to experience. It’s a sentiment that is central to our existence as a company.

Our Culture of Caring philosophy also stems from our core value of contributing to the lives of our employees and respecting them as individuals. We make sure they have the tools they need to do their jobs. And our consistently respectful treatment of them gives them reason to stay with us and continue providing exemplary service. The long tenure of our team speaks to the effectiveness of our culture.

There’s another element to our Culture of Caring that might not be as evident. We strive for our interiors to preserve and exhibit what our guests have come to discover: the culture of the destination. You see the expression of local color in our thoughtfully designed lobbies and rooms, in the art on our walls, and in the food and drink of our exclusive “Food Is Art” and “Liquid Art” programs. We’re not out to impose ourselves on local culture; rather, we respect the local culture enough that we invite it in to our space in a way that it will enhance your experience as a traveler.

To learn more about Sonesta’s efforts to give back to our host communities, visit the new Culture of Caring page on our website. From there, you can follow links to find out how specific hotels of the Sonesta collection are making their cities and towns better places—for them, and for you.