image001Friday afternoons, Chef Edwin “Zeus” Harmon of Explorers Restaurant at the Royal Sonesta Harbor Court Baltimore has been transforming the hotel’s library into a tiny kitchen, drawing guests into the reading room as the scent of his famous crab cakes wafts into the lobby. It’s an amazing moment, to follow your nose into the book-lined corner and find Zeus forming the little patties and frying them up in a pan. He, of course, invites you taste, and then recommends you visit Explorers for more, preferably paired with a pleasant Chardonnay or Sauvignon blanc from the well-curated wine list. 

You can read more about Sonesta’s “Amazing Moments in the accompanying article. In the meantime, Zeus is happy to bring his recipe to you:

Zeus’s Maryland Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes 

·        1 lb colossal crab meat
·        1 ob super lump crab meat
·        1 tsp Worcestershire sauce
·        1 oz whole grain mustard
·        1 oz yellow mustard
·        2 tsp lemon juice
·        1 ea large egg
·        1 oz Old Bay seasoning
·        12 oz mayonnaise
·        8 oz coarse cracker crumbs
1.      Combine all the liquid ingredients, and Old Bay seasoning
2.      Add the coarse cracker crumbs to bind the mixture
3.      Fold the crab meat into the mixture, careful not to break the crab lumps
4.      Form into 4 oz sized balls
5.      Broil in oven or fry in olive oil until golden brown