Al Groos, the General Manager of the Royal Sonesta New Orleans has been leading this team on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter for over 10 years, and a part of the Sonesta leadership for over 30.

A native of Brooklyn, he moved to New Orleans to work for Sonesta Hotels after receiving his degree from the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration. “I was hired as a management trainee,” he says. “Most of my career has been spent right here at what I feel is one of the finest hotels in New Orleans. Today I enjoy each day creating new ways to make our associates happy and provide new and better services to the variety of guests we serve.”

Al Groos was recently noted as a man of style by Biz New Orleans. He is easily recognizable by his colorful ties, matching cuff links and big personality. You can find him in the lobby greeting guests, leading the Second Line, and being active in local events. Each year he also visits the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival but seeks out more than the music. His first stop is the craft booths near the Congo Stage in search of Evette Everett from Atlanta to check her collection of cuff links.“I have hundreds of sets of cuff links and my favorites are the colorful cuff links Evette makes that feature colored stones and unique shapes,” he says.

A stylish gentleman known for always being well dressed, Al says he enjoys matching the colored stones in his cuff links with his ties: “The combination is a perfect match for me since I like bright colorful ties that light up the room. I get comments about my cuff links matching my ties all the time.” Then he smiles and adds: “I don’t want to be boring, so I use my colored cuff links and bright ties to brighten up my suits.”

While Al’s style has long been noted by guests & now by Biz New Orleans, there’s even more style to be found when checking in to the Royal Sonesta New Orleans. Fresh off a $30 million renovation, the 483 refurbished rooms, including 36 suites are luxury personified. The lobby has maintained the grandeur as before, adorned with elegant furnishings, warm colors and delightful artwork.

So next time you are visiting us at the Royal Sonesta New Orleans, enjoy the new design and be sure to seek out the General Manager, Al Groos to say hello. And if it happens to be Jazz Fest, perhaps you tag along to join him on his search of the colorful cuff link so artfully designed by Evette Everett.

Follow this link to hear about the recently completed property renovation from Al Groos.