mergerLet’s face it: Big-brand hotel chains fall short in offering their guests unique, local experiences and distinct accommodations. As the saying goes, if you’ve stayed in one, you’ve stayed in them all. At Sonesta, we’re proud to be small; it lets us focus on you, our guest, rather than on the demands of some distant boardroom.

We Keep It Local, with Cultural Touches

Mega-hotel chains provide little more than cookie-cutter rooms and cookie-cutter lobbies designed with a blind eye to local nuances, neighborhood charm and homey comforts. Exteriors and interiors of these properties look virtually the same from Boston or Bangkok; their generic design plucks guests from local culture the moment they walk in the door. Throughout the Sonesta Collection, we create an inviting, locally-inspired atmosphere. Paintings and photographs by local artists are likely to adorn our walls. Our furnishings and color palettes convey a local feel, thoughtfully conceived and executed by celebrated local designers. And our menus offer unique takes on regional cuisine, from Maryland crab cakes to New Orleans seafood gumbo.

cofcWe Keep It Personal, with a Culture of Caring

It’s not only the cultural touch that’s lost in giant hotel chains. The personal touch, too, disappears – not only for guests, but also for employees. At Sonesta, we strive to foster a culture of caring. That means we treat our employees with respect and dignity: Rather than ruling hundreds of hotels from a distant boardroom, always with an eye on the worldwide bottom line, we ask each hotel manager to personally oversee his or her property and make decisions specific to its unique needs. This leaves employees feeling valued and respected, gives them a stake in the success of their hotel and inspires them to treat guests like family. In addition, it’s no small matter that de-centralizing leadership to individual hotels ensures that Sonesta can put the needs of our guests first.

We Keep It Fun, with Everyday Surprises

Simply put, Sonesta takes great pride in the individual personality of each of our properties and in the personal attention we’re able to give our guests. We delight in introducing smaller touches to enrich your stay and put a smile on your face and a spring in your step; the Everyday Surprises at our Sonesta ES Suites – such as when employees and guests donned cool shades on Sunglass Day or tossed balls in the air on World Juggler’s Day – are only possible because of the good-natured spirit and commitment of our stellar employees. The beauty of such events is that they are so simple to bring to our guests. Unscripted, spontaneous and fun, you can be sure they don’t appear on the agendas being passed around a mega-hotel chain’s boardroom.

We Keep It Delicious, with Local Ingredients

Our Food Is Art and Liquid Art programs, too – featured at our full-service properties – encourage innovation from our excellent Executive Chefs. The freedom they have to invent and create in their kitchens fosters some of the most delicious, colorful and succulent dishes and beverages of any hotel. What’s more, it’s all born from locally sourced ingredients that take a quick trip across town – rather than across the country or even around the globe – before they appear on your plate or in your glass.

We Keep It Easy, with a Generous Loyalty Program

Besides our personal service and local accent, Sonesta guests also value us for our straightforward Travel Pass loyalty program. Mega-hotel chains can’t match its simplicity or generosity. What’s more, you can be sure that hard-earned points get lost in the shuffle when mega-hotel chains swallow each other up, sometimes taking many months or even years to cohesively merge. This can leave loyal guests feeling like they’ve been oversold, under-rewarded and ultimately betrayed.

We hope you’ll reserve your stay with us soon. When you do, you’ll find that there’s no better time than now to Sonesta.