method=get&cs=1&s=7C7EAB22-F08F-5C46-C5B806D441B46708Executive Chef Corey Jacobs at the Royal Sonesta New Orleans’ Desire restaurant is passionate about oysters. Not only are they a mainstay on the menu—brought to life with decadent “Food Is Art” preparations that vary from the char-grilled to on the half-shell. Chef has also enrolled Desire in the Oyster Shell Recycling Program, established in 2014 by the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana. You might question how just one region’s oyster consumption could generate enough shells worthy of recycling. But remember: this is coastal Louisiana. This is also New Orleans, city of indulgence. And at Desire, raw or grilled oysters fly out of the kitchen during Happy Hour at just $1 each.

So it should come as no surprise that the recycling program, the largest in the nation, has collected more than 800 tons of shells and shipped them back to shore, where they are returned to their source and used to construct a half-mile oyster reef, ideal for farming even more oysters and for creating a storm barrier.

So we raise our glasses to the Chef and to the harvesting of ever more oysters from Louisiana’s lush and fertile Gulf coast. To help you get in the spirit, we’re sharing a cocktail recipe straight from the bar at Desire. This refreshing drink is the perfect accompaniment to New Orleans’s favorite aphrodisiac!



1 oz Mayers Dark Rum

1 oz Appelton Light Rum

.5 oz Galliano

1 dash Angostura bitters

2-3 dashes of lemon juice

Hurricane Mix:

½ quart Passion Fruit Puree

¼ quart simple syrup

¼ quart water


Prepare Hurricane Mix by combining all ingredients and stirring.

Mix both rums, Galliano, bitters and lemon juice in a Hurricane glass over ice.

Top off with Hurricane Mix.

Garnish with a cherry and orange slice.