This past April, employees at the Sonesta Coconut Grove Miami and Sonesta Fort Lauderdale laced up their running shoes to join the more than 34,000 participants of the Mercedes-Benz Corporate Run (MBCR) in their respective cities. One of the largest 5K runs in the nation, the multi-city event began in 1985, when just over 1,300 runners ran a 3.1-mile course. Back then, only a handful of local companies May4offered a fitness program as a benefit to their staff. Over the years, MBCR has worked to raise awareness of the importance of health and wellness in general, and running and walking in particular, especially in the workplace, as the ideal way to counter stress and the sedentary nature of an office environment.

MBCR has shown, for instance, that workers who exercise call in sick less often and have more energy and better morale through the day. And those who exercise together foster greater teamwork and camaraderie. It all results in higher productivity and overall job happiness. In the 30 years since the founding of MBCR, businesses in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area have increased their awareness of physical fitness, installed gyms and hired exercise instructors to help keep their employees healthy. More of them have also committed themselves to the MBCR, turning it into a giant celebration of fun and healthy food and drink. Many companies also take advantage of the mass gathering to visit each other’s tents and do some good old fashioned, face-to-face networking. Simply put, it’s been called the country’s Largest Office Party!

 Sonesta wholeheartedly embraces this approach to a healthy lifestyle, which is why we were so enthusiastic for both the Sonesta Coconut Grove and the Sonesta Fort Lauderdale Beach to participate in their 5K runs this year on April 28 and April 7, respectively. Between both cities, 1,169 companies participated, drawing a total of 34,723 walkers and runners. It was a fun and inspirational event that fully embodied the Sonesta Culture of Caring!