From receptionists and housekeepers at Sonesta hotels to Hollywood stars, people across the country called attention to an important cause – helping to end poverty among children and young people. The Mayrnd3 26 event was the perfect fit for Sonesta’s Culture of Caring, and we were pleased to be part of an international movement that embraced the power of laughter.

Since its founding, Red Nose Day, the fund-raising campaign run by Comic Relief, has raised over $1 billion globally for children and young people living in poverty. A telethon-style fundraising event aired on NBC on May 26. And Sonesta did its part by hosting viewings of the program and raising its own money, with special raffles and games for employees and guests. And as you’ll see on the Facebook page of the Royal Sonesta Harbor Court Baltimore, there was lots of dancing! Just scroll to the Video feeds in the left column and select the “Have Fun. Raise Money. Change Lives.” feed. In all, Sonesta properties across the country and members of the corporate team raised over $2,000!

Red Nose Day distributes 100% of the money raised. Half is donated to U.S. organizations such as the Boys & Girls Club of America, Feeding America and Oxfam America. The other half goes to international agencies in some of the poorest countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America, including The Global Fund, Charity: Water, rnd2Save the Children and the Gavi Vaccine Alliance. In total, eleven agencies received donations and more than $23 million was raised.

The people at Red Nose Day provide lots of creative ideas to help people raise money. Each year, kids especially are engaged to have a bake sale or collect cash for each layer of clothing they can wear. Among adults, money is raised to make bosses perform humorous tasks or cash is placed in a “Swear Jar” so that frequent offenders can pay for their verbal slips.

If you have visited Sonesta before, you know that we believe in engaging our guests with everyday surprises and creating a fun experience for all. Red Nose Day, with its mix of fun and fundraising, is the perfect embodiment of Sonesta’s Culture of Caring.

We look forward to having more fun with Red Nose Day next year, and continuing the effort to alleviate poverty.