somerspoint1During your stay at our hotel in Ocean City, NJ, there are many engaging destinations nearby. For travelers looking for some adventure, there are plenty of exciting activities to take part in. If guests are seeking a more relaxing day, the surrounding area provides serene beaches and landscapes to enjoy. Here are five places that we encourage you to explore during your stay at Sonesta ES Suites Somers Point.

  1. Great Egg Harbor Bay: For views that won’t disappoint, head to the bridge that crosses over the bay. You can make a quick drive over, or park nearby and get your exercise in with a walk. Not only are the views spectacular, but there is also a fishing area located a quarter of a mile from the bridge. This spot is a great place to relax and unwind while staying at our hotel in Ocean City, NJ.
  1. JFK Park: Overlooking the Great Egg Harbor Bay, this destination should definitely be added to your list of things to do. It includes a large playground area and a small beach area that is accessible at low tide. JFK Park is the perfect spot to sit in the shade and have a picnic while enjoying the view of the bay.
  1. Chora Leone Gallery: Art lovers can indulge in the collections of this small but charming gallery, which is located less than two miles from our hotel in Ocean City, NJ. The collection of this chic, edgy establishment includes art, ceramics, paintings, wood carvings, sculptures, and more! If you are looking to browse the artwork or purchase an authentic souvenir, this is the spot for you.
  1. Ocean City Beaches: On a hot day, head on over to Ocean City to enjoy a spot on the 8-mile stretch of beaches. If you are looking to take part in water activities, then you are in luck. Visitors can take surfing lessons, buy a skim board, or take up paddle boarding. The white sand and brilliant sunshine also provide the perfect ambiance for those looking to relax with a good book. No matter what you are looking for, the coastline is a must for guests staying at our hotel in Ocean City, NJ.
  1. Ocean City Boardwalk: If you are growing tired of the beach, walk over to the boardwalk for a fun-filled afternoon. This area is full of shops, restaurants, and activities for vacationers to enjoy. Thrill seekers can head to the amusement park for a ride on one of the rollercoasters. There is even a mini golf course and Go Karts – the excitement never ends at the boardwalk!

While staying at Sonesta ES Suites Somers Point, you will have easy access to some of the most beautiful beaches and parks in New Jersey. Be sure to book with us during your stay in the area. We can’t wait to have you!