everyday-surprise-slinky-day-lobbyOne way we surprise and delight our guests at Sonesta ES Suites is to share an Everyday Surprise with them – something unexpected that creates a small “memorable moment” for our guests.  In the last month, we’ve had several opportunities to engage with our guests in an unexpected way!

This summer saw some fun celebrations at our Sonesta ES Suites – including National Slinky Day.  The team at Sonesta ES Suites Somerset built a small staircase in the lobby and invited their guests to let the Slinky’s do their thing on this holiday in August.  Winners of the obstacle course won Sonesta Travel Pass points for their efforts.

How else do we infuse a little surprise into every day? By celebrating some of these fun, unofficial, holidays – this month included:

2nd – Show your college colors day

12th – National Chocolate Milkshake Day

13th – Positive Thinking Day

29th – International Coffee Day

September also features National Housekeeping Week – and each of our employees in this integral department were recognized and honored in unique ways at each hotel.  Everyday Surprises offer creative opportunities for the hotel team to provide a surprisingly different experience for their guests and employees – giving them something fun to talk about.

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