Loocriderking back on Curtis Crider’s childhood, it is no surprise that he is spending his career in the hospitality industry – more specifically, as the General Manager of Sonesta Coconut Grove Miami. As his mother had a bustling career with a leading airline, Curtis developed a love for traveling at an early age, and spent much of his childhood taking trips with his family. However, it was during his time in college, which Curtis spent at Florida State University, where it would seem as if the stars aligned.  Curtis began his long and prosperous career with Sonesta as a bartender, and has spent the majority of his time between now and then learning the ins and outs of Sonesta and the hospitality industry as a whole. Now, more than 25 years later, Curtis is the proud General Manager of Sonesta Coconut Grove Miami.

A Miami native himself, Curtis loves the city in which he works, particularly for the area’s year-round sun and warmth, as well as Miami’s gorgeous beaches. Curtis is also an active member of the community. He currently serves as the Vice President of the Coconut Grove Chamber of Commerce and is involved with numerous other local groups including The Greater Miami & Beaches Hotel Association, and the Coconut Grove Arts Festival.

In addition to being an active and positive voice in the Coconut Grove community, Curtis is a treasured member of the Sonesta family. Much like in his community, what Curtis enjoys most about his job is his ability to create positive change. His leadership and positive attitude has led Sonesta Coconut Grove through some difficult times and allowed it to bounce back better than ever, creating an outstanding experience for his staff and his guests.

Curtis appreciates each and every role he has taken on throughout the last 25 years with Sonesta, and credits his personal and professional growth to these experiences. “I concentrated on making that particular position I was in my own – learning as much as I could from what I was doing, growing from my experiences, perfecting the craft,” he said. “Whatever it is that I am doing at a particular time, I would like to think that I approach it wholeheartedly and with passion. At the end of the day, I like to know that I have tried my best.”

Curtis’ efforts and dedication to Sonesta Coconut Grove certainly have not gone unnoticed. Last month, he was named General Manager of the Year at the Annual Golden Coconut Awards. This award is presented to an individual or group that has made a significant, positive contribution to the Coconut Grove community, and we firmly believe that the Golden Coconut Award’s Selection Committee would be hard pressed to find a more deserving recipient.

As far as his life outside of work, Curtis’ love of travel has stayed with him through all these years, and when he’s not working, you may find him doing just that along with his wonderful wife. He says his favorite spots to visit are Italy and Hawaii, but no matter where he is visiting, you’ll never find him without a photo of his sons.

If you ever find yourself staying at Sonesta Coconut Grove Miami, be sure to say a friendly “hello” to General Manager, Curtis Crider!