Greg Magee, General Manager of Sonesta Silicon Valley, is the subject of this month’s Meet the GM. Read on to learn more about the man who plays an integral role in keeping this hotel running smoothly day in and day out!

Q: What do you like most about working within and leading a hotel?  

A: Throughout my professional career I have always sought out leadership roles in the service industries as I truly enjoy the personal connections and lasting relationships that are forged in the service of others. As a diagnosed and confirmed “People Pleaser” by nature, I really enjoy working collaboratively with my managers and team members to accomplish great things as a unified team. The sense of pride and satisfaction that comes from creating lasting memories for our guests fosters an environment positivity for the entire organization and promotes a higher level of job satisfaction.

Q: During your time with Sonesta – what role/opportunity have you enjoyed most?

A: Without question, playing the point role in crafting a new workplace culture and environment centered on Sonesta’s Culture of Caring principles has had a tremendous impact on our entire team. Watching our team members grow and blossom as they embrace this new culture and renewed sense of pride in their workplace has been quite rewarding.

Q: What has been your hotel’s most successful Amazing Moment ?

A: In May we had a wedding group stay with us including most of the extended family as the ceremony and reception was to be held at a large event hall near our location. Unfortunately there was some confusion as to the number of rooms that had been booked by one of the wedding party that handled the families reservations and come to find out on the day of their arrival that the Bride did not have a room reserved. One of our Guest Service Supervisors was assisting them and quickly found a solution despite the hotel being fully committed for that evening. By calling several guests due to arrive that evening but did not have valid credit cards listed for guarantee, our supervisor was able to release several reservations that were not intending to arrive that night to make room for the bride. She even went a step further and upgraded the bride to our executive level and send a small amenity to the room along with a very sweet apology note for the inconvenience this mix-up had caused. Subsequently the Bride and Groom and parents and several wedding guests all sought me out to express their gratitude for the over the top service they had received the night before. This was a great example of our team owning a problem despite the fact it was not created internally, and found a way to turn it into an opportunity to shine and save the day. Truly Amazing!

Q: If you weren’t a hotelier, what would you be?

A: I have always had a passion for fast cars and motorsports of all kinds. If I weren’t focused on creating Amazing Moments in this industry, I’d likely be creating them behind the wheel on a race track somewhere for sure!

Q: What do you enjoy most about living in the local San Jose/Silicon Valley area?

A: So many things to love and enjoy about this area! The Culture, the Weather, the Economy… I could go on and on but being an active type that loves adventure, I would have to say that at the top of the list would be the wide variety of outdoor activity options here in the San Francisco Bay Area. We have the coast and beaches just 40 minutes from the hotel, Some of the world best wineries within an hour’s drive,  hiking in beautiful Yosemite National Park is just 2 hours away, and skiing near Lake Tahoe is 3 hours away. We really do have it all here in Northern California!

 Q: Name your favorite place to visit—  any destination in the world.

A: Maui immediately comes to mind. But I have yet to visit our Sonesta Resorts in St. Maartin. That trip is on my bucket list!

Q: Name three items you absolutely do not travel without.

A: A Camera to document all the fun, my iPod to set the excursion to music, and a good Book. I hate long plane rides J

Q: What is something your guests would be surprised to know about you?

A: I have to admit I am a sucker for tear jerking Chick Flicks!


Doesn’t he sound like a fun guy?! The next time you find yourself staying at Sonesta Silicon Valley, be sure to say “hi” to General Manager, Grag Magee, and see for yourself!