If you were in the neighborhood of Sonesta Silicon Valley San Jose one day last month, you may have seen well-dressed and eager applicants shaking hands with professionals. You might have thought you had come upon a Job Fair. And you would have been half right.

The hotel had invited Employment & Community Options (E&CO) to use its expertise for a day of learning, coaching and insight. E&CO is a non-profit organization that educates and empowers adults with developmental disabilities by teaching them the skills and giving them the knowledge they need to reach their personal goals and achieve their potential. The side conversations and mock interviews you would have seen were just a small part of the organization’s approach to helping individuals land jobs and volunteer work throughout the area. E&CO also provides skills assessment, resume writing, support and coaching as their clients settle in to new jobs, and more.

This kind of community support is what the Culture of Caring at Sonesta is all about. We were happy to be able to donate our space and time so that those with unique challenges can step out into the workforce and feel good about making valuable contributions, whether in Silicon Valley or beyond.