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One of Atlanta’s top tourist attractions, the World of Coca-Cola, will be within your grasp when you stay at Sonesta ES Suites Gwinnett Place Atlanta. Located in downtown Atlanta’s Centennial Park District, this multimedia attraction will allow you to experience one of the most popular beverages and most recognized brands in the world, in an exciting new way.

There are a number of exhibits at World of Coca-Cola that will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the rich history of this beverage and company. To learn more about the heritage of Coca-Cola, for example, visit The Loft, which comprises almost 200 artifacts spanning more than 125 years. Some of the unique artifacts you can see include a syrup urn that is over 100 years old, dating all the way back to 1896.

You can also visit the Vault of the Secret Formula, the actual place where the secret formula for Coca-Cola is tucked away. In the Vault, you can also learn about how the secret formula came to be, how the formula has remained secret for so long, and the many myths and legends that have spawned due to the secrecy surrounding the formula. Plus, experiment with the Virtual Taste Maker, which will allow you to step into the shoes of early inventors to create your own unique flavor combinations.

Other exhibits include photo opportunities with the legendary Coca-Cola Polar Bear, a short film in the Coca-Cola Theater, and a tasting area that invites you to try more than 100 domestic and international beverages from the Coca-Cola Company. No matter who you are traveling to Atlanta with, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at World of Cola-Cola.

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