When you stay at Sonesta ES Suites, you’re not just at a hotel; you’re part of a community. And in our community, we bring a relaxed and easy atmosphere to your stay. We constantly have our eyes and hearts open for ways to delight our guests, particularly for opportunities to put a smile on your face. Here are just four ways that Sonesta ES Suites guests are enjoying this Summer:

July 2 was Ice Cream Sundae Day at Sonesta ES Suites. From sundae buffets to little treats left in everyone’s freezer in all the suites, guests were treated to delicious sweet somethings all day long. On July 25, Sonesta ES Suites all over the country hosted a Party on the Pool Deck. Guests brought their swimsuits, ready for splashing and soaking in the Summer sun. We brought the towels, floaties and beach balls and had hot dogs and hamburgers ready for grilling. We are busily preparing for August 15, putting all the pieces in place for Relaxation Day. (On second thought, maybe we’ll just kick back on that day – it is Relaxation Day, after all!) And on August 26, it’s National Dog Day. This special “Dog Day of Summer” is sure to be filled with cute little puppy faces, colorful collars and bandanas, a doggie trick or two, and plenty of biscuits. Sit, boy, sit!

These are just a few ways Sonesta ES Suites brings surprises to each and every day. We invite you to stay with us soon so you can experience our surprisingly different hotels firsthand!