Hilton Head Island is renowned the world over for its tranquility and unspoiled coastal beauty. On July 7, Sonesta Resort Hilton Head Island helped to make this paradise a little more unspoiled for one of the island’s occasional residents, the Sea Turtle, which nests along the island’s 11.5 miles of beach.

The resort hosted the Sea Turtle Patrol, an environmental organization dedicated to protecting and preserving the barrier island’s shores to encourage the continued nesting of this incredible marine creature. During their visit, hotel guests and staff alike learned about the turtle’s hatching cycles on the beach and how important it is to keep the long stretches of sand clean for them. Then, everyone grabbed a bucket and hit the beach! Not for sun, but for trash that might get in the turtles’ way as they make their way ashore at night to nest. Whomever collected the most qualified to win a resort prize, making for a very spirited clean-up effort!

Later, kids and adults were invited to search the resort for five hidden turtles of the stuffed variety. The prize this time? A golden stuffed turtle, of course! The fun continued at a poolside photo booth and during a treasure hunt for the kids in a mini-pool of slime. The event was capped off by a showing of the film A Turtle’s Tale at our “Dive-In Movie.”

It was an enlightening day that helped to raise awareness of the lives of Sea Turtles.