Have you ever dreamed of cruising the Nile River? Did you know that Sonesta has several options for Nile cruises , in addition to a hotel in Cairo and a hotel in Luxor?

The Nile River is one of the world’s most iconic bodies of water; steeped in history, culture, legend, and lore, the river and its surroundings have so many stories to tell and so much beauty to share. Experiencing the Nile on a cruise lets you soak all of that up without having to do any packing or unpacking throughout your journey!


Luxury and elegance abound when you opt to cruise the Nile with Sonesta. Three ships and itineraries are available, and each has something special to offer. Choose from a variety of cabins and suites that provide the highest level of comfort and make you feel right at home, varying lengths of cruise and choice of embarkation (Aswan or Luxor).


Dining and entertainment areas, including outdoor space, offer plenty of room to move around the ship will underway, and you’ll never be without something to do or eat during your journey! Depending on the itinerary and ship you are on, there might be afternoon tea, live music, cocktail parties, performances, dancing, and plenty of relaxing time. You’ll also enjoy excursions to points of interest, including historic sites like Kom Ombo Temple, Valley of the Kings & Queens, the High Dam, and others.

A Nile River cruise is truly a trip to remember, and it is the perfect choice for a honeymoon, anniversary, or other special occasion.