El Olivar Sushi Bar

Lima is a city known for its culture, architecture, and gastronomy, and while you can find plenty of dishes inspired by its Peruvian surroundings, sushi is also a Lima favorite. When you #StaySonesta at Sonesta Hotel El Olivar, you won’t want to miss El Olivar Sushi Bar, an elegant space specializing in variety of sashimi, makis, nigiris, tiraditos, ceviches, and beautiful cocktails.

LIM-SH-Sushi Bar 1

LIM-SH- cocktail

LIM-SH- Sushi Bar

Maki acevichado2

One of the most popular menu items is the signature Maki Acevichado, a roll stuffed with ebi (shrimp) furai and avocado covered with tuna bathed in acevichada sauce and togarashi and chives. Itamae, (chef) Eduardo Murrugarra shares passion, creativity, and expertise in every dish. With regards to the experience at El Olivar, Murrugarra has said the following. “At the sushi bar of the hotel El Olivar in Lima,  the experience is incredible, each guest (client) is a different world, the experience between client and itamae is a positive interaction that allows me to identify different cultures and tastes that help me to keep innovating and creating new surprises in each visit.”

Ready to visit Lima for a taste of El Olivar’s signature sushi? Learn about special offers, and book now!

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