Life is sweet at Sonesta ES Suites Oklahoma City, thanks to the culinary creativity of Assistant General Manager, Alexandria O’Neal.  Alexandria has honed her baking and cake design skills over the years and now shares her works of art with the lucky team at the hotel. See below for some of her beautiful creations and for background on her love of baking.

cream tart2Unicorn2

Unicorn cake

HSK Appreciation week


How did you get into baking? Do you have any professional training?

I grew up in a family of cooks and bakers. Growing up family time was spent in the kitchen creating meals and desserts to share. All my training has been passed down to me from my both my grandmothers, my mom and Pinterest.

What has been your favorite baking project?

I did a six layer unicorn cake back in April that was my crowning moment. It was the first cake I decorated that I stepped back and said wow I’m actually really good at this.

How do you come up with ideas for the treats you create?

I always start with a theme once I get that figured out I chose my flavors and map out a basic idea of what I know I can do decoration wise. Then I turn to Pinterest and Instagram to get new ideas and to challenge myself with a new skill I have not yet mastered. My goal is to master one new skill every time I bake.

Do you have any baking/dessert projects that you really want to do?

I would love to enter into a baking competition and really challenge myself.

If you could travel anywhere for dessert, where would it be?

Paris! All great desserts start in France. I have sweet tooth for French baking.


So plan to stop by the next time you’re in Oklahoma City, Alexandria may be cooking up (or more specifically baking) an Everyday Surprise!