The Sonesta #CultureofCaring is an important part of who we are and how we work with the communities our hotels are located in. When The Clift Royal Sonesta Hotel in San Francisco closed its doors for a complete re:imagining, the hotel began to work in cooperation with  JLL on the (re)Purpose Furniture Initiative, a new program to find a new use for furniture that is being replaced during the renovation. Through Compass Family Services, an organization that helps homeless and at risk families in San Francisco,  the furniture will be donated to families in need including those who have just received stable housing.

Erica Kisch, Executive Director of Compass Family Services, commented on the impact of the furniture re-purposing project, saying, “We couldn’t be more grateful for the teams at The Clift, Sonesta and JLL who are taking on this project that will have a big impact for so many homeless families for which we help to secure housing. Everyone needs a lease and a key, but so many of the families we help to house move into their new homes without a stick of furniture. This new partnership means that a family securing housing is truly able to turn their house into a home.”

The furniture being donated includes beds, desks, chairs, and armoires from 150 guest rooms. Over the course of the next year, more than 100 local families will be able to furnish their new homes thanks to this initiative, and an estimated 12 tons and 400 cubic yards of use-able furniture will be kept from being put in landfills.

The Clift is known for its famous furniture, and in an additional effort to support Compass Family Services, will donate some of their iconic wheelbarrow chairs to local artists to be reimagined. In the spring of 2020, the chairs will be auctioned off at a fundraiser at The Clift to be held in conjunction with JLL and Compass Family Services with all of the proceeds will go to support the furniture redistribution program and Compass’s work in the community.

“We are excited that The Clift’s furniture will have a new life in the homes of these well-deserving families,” stated Carlos Flores, President and Chief Executive Officer of Sonesta. “This initiative is directly in line with our core values, and our Culture of Caring philosophy. Every Sonesta Hotel provides more than just a warm and welcoming experience for guests – we also strive to be valued and engaged members of our local communities and a force for good in the towns and cities that our hotels call home.”

We look forward to supporting this furniture re-purposing project throughout the year and to spreading the word in order to help additional families as JLL works to scale the project locally and takes it nationwide.

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Fun fact about Compass Family Services and its intersecting history with The Clift: Compass Family Services’ predecessor, Travelers’ Aid San Francisco, was founded in anticipation of the 1915 Panama–Pacific International Exposition (World’s Fair) — which attracted 19 million visitors — to provide assistance to newcomers to the city – some to visit and many for the temporary work the exposition created. This is the same event that drove the original development of The Clift hotel! (The organization continued to provide a helping hand to American pioneers and new immigrants who became stranded on their journeys throughout this time – evolving into the modern version of itself – Compass Family Services. Learn more about the charity’s storied history here.)