Did you know that Guayaquil is the world capital of cocoa and that you can #StaySonesta there at Sonesta Hotel Guayaquil

Farmer hold cacao seeds The Guayaquil area’s local cocoa offers a wide range of flavors, textures and aromas;  over 400 years ago this area was key to the development of the commercialization and export of this fruit. The Guayas River became an ideal transport route for the crops that arrived from the farms. Today its cocoa is recognized internationally for its flavor, aroma and quality.  

Just a short drive from Guayaquil, about 45 minutes to an hour,  travelers can visit cacao producing farms on a tour for chocolate lovers, walking through the farms to learn and make chocolate right from the cocoa beans! In addition to learning about the cocoa, visitors can enjoy the countryside of Ecuador, surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes. Taking a cacao tour is a must-do when you visit Guayaquil! 

Our staff at Sonesta Hotel Guayaquil will happily help plan this wonderful activity that will be the real treat during your stay. Don’t forget to enjoy some of the delicious Ecuadorian Chocolate in this dessert at in-house restaurant, Sabores y Vinos. 


If you aren’t traveling to Ecuador in the near future, you can also make this delicious chocolate cake at home.

Ingredients   Oz  
Cocoa Powder 22%-24%  2.29 oz  
Wheat flour  6.17 oz  
Baking powder  0.11 oz  
Baking soda  0.07 oz  
Unsalted butter  5.99 oz  
White sugar  11.22 oz  
Whole milk  0.53 oz  
Eggs  4.41 oz  
Natural Yogurt  4.59 oz  
Ingredients Oz 
Dark Chocolate Ecuador 56%  6.17 oz  
White sugar  8.89 oz  
Glucose 0.64 oz  
Egg whites  4.76 oz  
Unsalted butter  15.87 oz  


Combine the dry ingredients in a bowl (flour, Pure Cocoa Powder 22-24%, baking powder, baking soda and salt). With a mixer, cream the butter with sugar and milk. When creamy and fluffy, add the eggs slowly continuing with the emulsion. With the help of a rubber spatula, add the sifted dried ingredients and slowly add yogurt, always mixing in an enveloping manner. Pour batter in 6” diameter baking rings. Bake at 350°F/180°C for 13 minutes. 


In a pot, cook sugar and glucose with a little water.  When the syrup is at 117 ° C/242°F, add egg whites in a mixer. Once syrup mixture is at 121°C/250°F, pour it slowly over the whites, beating at a low speed. Beat at medium speed until it cools down between 86° to 91°F. Add butter at 68°F and continue beating. Add the melted dark chocolate and continue beating until a homogeneous and spongy texture is obtained. Reserve at room temperature until used. 


Arrange a layer of cake, and on top of it a layer of chocolate butter cream followed by another layer of cake. Cover with a generous amount of the same butter cream. Garnish with tempered dark chocolate from Ecuador.