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Sonesta Hotel Ibagué’s Restaurant Cucuana was named after the Cucuana River, which begins in the central mountain range of the Andes and runs through five municipalities of the region.

Managed by chef Angélica Vásquez and her creative team, Restaurant Cucuana offers the innovative avant-garde concept called Gastromixology, which brings together the best of Peruvian food and recreates the typical Tolimense cuisine while pairing with cocktail alternatives, finding harmonic mixtures, with the right balance of alcohol that combines perfectly with the menu.

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The chef, who lived for a short period in Peru, was inspired by the secrets of its cuisine, designing a menu that takes the cuisine of the neighboring country and includes ingredients and tastes from the Tolima cuisine.

One of the options from this ground-breaking concept is Sonesta Chaufa Rice, a sautéed rice with chicken, bacon, pork and paprika with ginger and sesame oil, mixed with oyster sauce, perfectly paired with Long Island, Mojito Cubano, Pisco Sour or Honey Sour.

Sonesta Chaufa Rice


For more delicious options of Cucuana Restaurant at our hotel in Ibagué visit the hotel site.