Lima is a dining destination; it is a place where international cuisines come together for spectacular culinary experiences. Sonesta Hotel El Olivar Lima is one place where you can enjoy the Lima culinary scene and the Sonesta #FoodisArt concept. Read below to learn about their Executive Chef Maylu Tang.

fettuccini in shrimp sauce

pisco sourHow did you get started in the culinary field? What has the road to becoming
an Executive Chef looked like for you?

I started in our home kitchen, with my grandmother, who taught me how to prepare recipes of traditional Peruvian cuisine.  My path to become an Executive Chef was learning to acquire experiences from many cultures and knowledge about food, coexistence, analyzing, studying, researching, proposing goals, as well as try to be good leader of our team.

Do you have a favorite celebrity chef that has inspired you? 

I was inspired by Gastón Acurio, a representative of Peruvian cuisine, who influenced a generation of Peruvian chefs, by spreading the Peruvian gastronomy worldwide.

smoked bacon

What is your favorite childhood food memory/dish?

My memories are from our home kitchen with a variety of dishes of different tastes, flavors, textures, aromas and colors. Being my favorite the Lomo Saltado, the Chupe de camarones, and for dessert the Suspiro Limeño.

If you could have only one item from your hotel’s menus, what would it be and why?

It would be the Peruvian Ceviche for the freshness of the dish and the flavors that make a perfect combination.

Carrot cake

 What do you like most about your city’s food and beverage scene? Other than your own outlet/s what spots do you recommend?

In recent years, Lima has become a gastronomic capital with a variety and fusion of flavors. The fusions that can be found range from Nikkei cuisine, jungle cuisine, Italian cuisine and more.

In our Sonesta El Olivar Restaurant we recommend our Nikkei bar, also the buffets specialized in Asian, Italian and Peruvian cuisine.

Another recommended spot in Lima is Osaka which offers a Japanese Peruvian fusion cuisine.

What is your dream dining destination?

My next destination will be Istanbul, for its Grand Bazaar and the variety of Turkish spices.