We are looking ahead to better days and know that weddings will offer us beautiful reasons to celebrate in months to come.

Josh Raavel, Wedding Catering Sales Manager at Royal Sonesta Chicago Riverfront has over 15 years in the hospitality industry and brings significant knowledge and experience to the wedding planning process at Chicago Riverfront. He works side-by-side with couples from the beginning stages of their wedding planning to the wedding day itself.

One thing Josh especially enjoys about his role is helping execute weddings on a time crunch. He says, “I have the most fun planning a 90 day out wedding because there is no time to over think it. Quick and efficient marks the spot!”

Below are a few fun wedding tips Josh has shared with us. Keep these in mind if you’re finalizing details for your upcoming wedding or needing to simplify things due to a date change.



Tip 1: If you are looking to do a wedding in 3 months or less, hotels are the perfect place with a fountain of resources to get things done in a pinch. Take your Banquet Team to task! We do this for a living, so you don’t have to. Use our time and resources, that’s why we’re here.

Tip 2: 2020 Color of the Year is Cucumber / Melon – That’s a blast from the past for Bath & Body Works babies of the late 90’s, early 2000’s . The softer shades of green and orange are really taking summer weddings to new heights. You’ll be ahead of the game with these accent colors. If you want to make your own rules, avoid these trendy tones and stick to the classic summer colors of soft blue hues and florals like daisies and daffodils.

Tip 3: Cut the list. We know it can be painful and scary to cut cousin Cora’s new squeeze off the list, but, in these current times, less is more and more can be focused on what really matters – The Newly Weds!

Tip 4: Mocktails – A new wave of drinks that don’t even need sprucing up. In an effort to accommodate the healthy, green, vegan and clean lifestyle guests, there is a trend of incorporating Mocktails, Craft Sodas and Spritzers to the bar menu. These not only help to cut costs, but also enhance a day wedding or light reception following a ceremony affair.

Chicago Riverfront recently announced a new special wedding offer for 2020. If couples book and tie the knot in 2020, they’ll be entered in a drawing to win back up to $5,000 of the money spent on their wedding! Connect with Josh and learn more about how Royal Sonesta Chicago Riverfront can make your wedding day come to life.

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