Throughout the years, we have heard from countless guests on what ‘Staying Sonesta’ means to them, and it fills us with joy to be part of so many memories.  It was remarkable to hear from a longtime guest who built his dream home with Sonesta in mind, and we wanted to share his inspiration with you. Read on for an interview with Mr. Anthony Reina,

How long have you been staying at Sonesta Hotels? Have you stayed at other properties besides New Orleans?

I have stayed at Royal Sonesta New Orleans for over 30 years. Some of  my fondest memories were spent in  your balcony rooms for 20 years of Madi Gras, 10 years of French Quarter Fling, the Saints winning the Super Bowl and countless other stays for myself, family and friends.  Always we were treated first class by Malcolm in the Middle (our doorman), to Wayne at the Bell Desk, to April at the front desk, Miss Ruthie at Desire, Cynthia on the switch board and Randy making sure everything was setup right.

Please tell us about your home and the thought that went into the design. Which aspects of Royal Sonesta New Orleans inspired you, and why?

So when I planned my retirement home the one view I wanted to remind me of all those exceptional visits were the French Doors from the room to the balcony.

French doors RS

French Doors RS-1

Those door have been custom duplicated for my master bedroom leading out to the pavilion fire pit. Now I will always have a touch of the Royal Sonesta with me.

Over the years of Mardi Gras and the French Quarter Fling I would always collect the best beads from every year. Placing them in glass jars gave them the look of jelly beans. As you can see from the picture it is a very unique collection that includes the one designed by the Royal Sonesta.

Royal Sonesta MG Bead

My plantation shutters we also designed with the RS in mind. Signed posters of Mystic Mardi Gras, Pete Fountain & Blue Dog, Doctor John, Fat’s Domino and more adorn my walls.

Other parts that are uniquely New Orleans in my house is the tile pattern in the master bathroom. If you were to park in Harrah’s parking garage and walk the tunnel that connects it to casino you will see the exact same color and pattern.

The house was completed in the beginning of March and the French Doors will be installed by April.

Dr.John 2014 FQF

Is there anything else you would like to share about your experience staying Sonesta?

My nickname with the hotel staff if “Mr. Lucky” . When Sonesta had their contest for Sonesta Travel Pass points I won first prize and proudly used my points to return to New Orleans.

I believe your staff was happier for me then I was for me thus the new handle “Mr. Lucky”

Thanks for letting me share my enjoyment with the Royal Sonesta New Orleans with you.