There are several ecological observances to honor birds. “World Bird Day” is celebrated on the second Saturday in May each year – and “Bird Day” in the US is celebrated today (May 4). If you are familiar with our extended stay hotels, Sonesta ES Suites, you know that a bird has a lead role in our brand.

Created as a holiday for children, Bird Day had two main goals: to tell children about the importance of various bird species conservation and improve their environment with bird houses. This idea gained nationwide support in the beginning of the 20th century, and later it made its way to Europe.

What’s with the bird?

Birds are always looking for a place to rest and land when flying away from home.  And, once they are “home” they find their nests as a place of comfort and safety.  Our team at Sonesta ES Suites prides itself on providing our guests a home away from home.  While on the road, you will find a comfortable, safe and friendly place to land.


Most recently we had extended stay guests at Sonesta ES Suites Parsippany that had been with us for 15 months. They checked-in after they experienced a house fire and they needed temporary housing while their home was being rebuilt.  During their time with us, and most recently with everything going on with COVID-19, this family wanted to recognize our staff for all that they do in providing a home away from home for them.


They surprised and warmed the hearts of our team by adorning the nest (the name of our lobby) with signs of thanks and encouragement.  This is one example from one of our 43 hotels, but rest assured that when you are ready to travel again, our team is ready to welcome you like family too.

For now, bring the bird home with a picture you can download and color to share in celebration of Bird Day and World Bird Day! #FindyourNest @SonestaESSuites

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