The Sonesta #FoodisArt concept is not limited to our US hotels. A trip to any of our South American hotels isn’t complete without trying culinary masterpieces created by our chefs. Enjoy locally-inspired dishes, food fusions, or international favorites when you #StaySonesta in South America.

The below photos are a delicious peek into what you might experience on your travels.

All photos are by Daniel Escobar Fotógrafo.


Sonesta Hotel El Olivar Lima is located in a city known for its food, and the hotel offers a variety of delectable dining options including El Olivar Restaurant and El Olivar Sushi Bar.


Fettucini with Sauce (Fettuccini en Salsa)


Peruvian Ceviche (Ceviche Peruano)

Meet the Chef at Sonesta El Olivar Lima. 

If you’re traveling to Colombia, you’ll want to add Bogotá to your list of stops. Stay at Sonesta Hotel Bogotá, and enjoy Peruvian food at Cook’s Restaurant or the finest cuts of meat around at Cook’s Porterhouse.


Fried Calamari Rings (Anillos de Calamar)


Pancakes for room service


Five Milk Cake (Postre  Cinco Leches)

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