Sonesta has created a new series intended to give you a chance to take a peek behind the scenes to  meet some of our team and to see how we make the magic happen. This series, entitled “A Day in the Life” will cross reference each of the articles as they are published.


Meet Sandy, Housekeeping Manager/Supervisor at  Sonesta ES Suites Providence.

What do you love most about your job?

I like the pace – fast, and the focus – clean, with an organized approach to everything. I think it appeals to the OCD in me, and it definitely builds a daily sense of accomplishment. I also really enjoy the interaction with both our hotel team and our long-term stay guests.

What does your day typically look like?

I arrive to the hotel early – and the first thing I do is check for any changes in departures or new arrivals, review our supplies and restock the attendant carts, and finally look at the schedule for our staffing for the day. Then I might train a new housekeeper or help strip a room for a check out. With the pandemic and the impact cleanliness has on protecting our guests and our team – we’ve taken our already high standards and elevated them to the CDC and our partner ECOLAB’s cleanliness standards and training. I spend the late morning and afternoon inspecting the cleaned rooms.


What has made you successful – or what skills would you encourage someone considering this role to have?

After 18 years all at this location – but under several management companies – I think you want to look for a sense of team work within the hotel. I primarily partner with the GM (for budget and recruiting) and with our engineer (for room maintenance and repairs) and since we’re such a small team that sense of “in it together” is really important. They also need to be really guest oriented, the success of a single hotel in a market is really only as good as every guest’s experience. Finally – speaking several languages is a great asset when managing a multi ethnic staff. I speak English, Spanish and Portuguese every day.

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