Patio season has arrived, and it’s the perfect time for enjoying our favorite cocktails outdoors. At Sonesta, we love our #liquidart, and below we share three recipes perfect for summer sipping.

Tropical Splash Cocktail

Sonesta Fort Lauderdale Beach 

Tropical Splash Serves 6 
6 oz Bacardi Superior
3 oz Coconut Rum
3 oz Myers Dark
6 oz Orange Juice
6 oz Passion fruit puree
6 oz Pineapple juice
6 oz Cranberry juice
3 oz Grenadine

Garnish: Pineapple Wedge. Pineapple Leaf, Cherry

Add all ingredients into the pitcher; add 5 cups of crushed ice, stir. Drop grenadine and Myers floater. Garnish with couple fresh pineapple wedges and cherries.


Triple Berry Lemonade

Sonesta Gwinnett Place Atlanta

Triple Berry Lemonade – Serves 8-10 
5 oz. Ketel One Botanicals Peach and Orange Blossom
2.5 oz. St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur
15 oz. Lemonade
10 oz. Mixed Berry Juice
10 oz. Ginger Beer
10 oz. Sparkling Wine/Prosecco
Blood orange

Combine all ingredients (other than the sparkling wine/Prosecco) into a pitcher or punch bowl. Refrigerate for an hour to let flavors develop. Before serving add ice and top with sparkling wine or Prosecco (if you would like it to be a little sweeter).

Peach Mint Refresher

Peach Mint Refresher– Serves 8-10 people
10 oz Bourbon
5 oz Peach syrup
15 oz Sweet Tea
10 oz Ginger Beer
5 oz Lime Juice
5 oz Sprite

Muddle mint with bourbon. Combine all other ingredients with bourbon/mint mixture (other than the sprite) into a pitcher or punch bowl. Refrigerate for an hour to let flavors develop. Before serving add ice and top with sprite.

Royal Sonesta New Orleans

Restaurant R’evolution shared their recipe for a patriotic Fourth of July cocktail, made with blueberry puree and lavender syrup.

Summertime Blues – Serves 1 person
1/2 oz Blueberry Puree
1/2 oz Lavender Syrup*
3/4 oz Lemon Juice
1-1/2 oz Nolet Gin
2-1/2 oz Fever Tree Tonic
2 Blackberries for garnish
Lemon peel strip for garnish

Combine puree, syrup, lemon juice, gin and tonic and shake. Serve in a Collins glass over ice. Garnish with blackberries and lemon peel on a pick.

*Lavender Syrup: Steep 100 grams lavender flowers in a quart of near-boiling water for 15 minutes. Strain; discard lavender. Add 2 cups sugar for each 1 cup lavender tea.


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