Sonesta has created a new series intended to give you a chance to take a peek behind the scenes to  meet some of our team and to see how we make the magic happen. This series, entitled “A Day in the Life” will cross reference each of the articles as they are published.

Mark Thibideau - ES Burl MA

Today we meet, Mark Thibodeau, Front Office Supervisor at Sonesta ES Suites Burlington Boston.

What do you love most about your job?

In my position as the Front Office Supervisor in Burlington, MA – it’s quite an experience! There’s always something new happening and the job itself keeps me (literally) on my feet. On a daily basis, I’m meeting and speaking with new people – seeing new faces – and that’s a part of what I love most about my job.

What would surprise others about your job?

Being a part of Sonesta and the front desk team, I’m very involved with learning new things. When someone needs assistance and I’m available to help, I put on a different hat and try my best to assist guests with any problems they may be facing. I feel that’s what may be surprising to others about my job. I’m not just the guy in the suit behind the desk, I’m a member of the team who’s not afraid to step up to the plate and help others out.

What are the skills needed to be successful as a front desk agent or supervisor?

To be a successful front desk supervisor or even front desk agent, basic customer service skills are what’s needed most. These same skills are needed in everyday life as well.  Communication, understanding and patience are the things that stick out as most needed– beyond the basic knowledge of the job.

What makes your experience surprisingly different at Sonesta ES Suites?

The experience here at Sonesta is great. There’s always something going on and my team is always very hands-on and ready to help with anything. The dependability and reliability of a “can do attitude” is exceptional at all times. This, along with the willingness to help, is what makes the experience at Sonesta ES Suites surprisingly different for me.

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