Sonesta has created a new series intended to give you a chance to take a peek behind the scenes to  meet some of our team and to see how we make the magic happen. This series, entitled “A Day in the Life” will cross reference each of the articles as they are published.

In our latest “A Day in the Life” feature, we meet Kate Stiteler, who is heading up our Stay Safe with Sonesta program, an initiative that is part of every operation in our hotels on a daily basis. Read below to learn all about Kate’s work in helping our guests and staff stay healthy and safe.


What is Stay Safe with Sonesta?

Stay Safe with Sonesta (SSwS) is a rigorous health and cleanliness program for all of our U.S. hotels created in response to the new challenges facing the industry. Working with Ecolab Inc., a leading provider of cleaning and disinfecting solutions, we have designed the Stay Safe with Sonesta program to meet – or exceed – applicable CDC and/or state and governmental requirements and guidance related to the current Coronavirus pandemic.

What makes the program impactful?

Our 100% commitment – from our President and CEO to the newest person we hire – everyone is committed to executing the tenets of cleanliness and guest and employee safety. I think we are doing a great job keeping our teams engaged with the program – as on a regular basis we’re introducing new resources, guides, training, etc. to keep the conversation and awareness of the ever evolving and shifting guidance and best practices from the CDC.


What has been the response of guests to the program?

Guests have been overwhelmingly positive. We have been regularly listening to multiple channels – in person, reviews, surveys, customer care calls, etc. to understand if we are meeting each guest’s need to be safe while away from home. The response has been helpful – and helped us address areas for improvement very early in the introduction of the program.


How are you measuring success for meeting or exceeding the pledge?

We have several listening methods in place to help measure the impact we’re having with our guests. We have created a dedicated Stay Safe with Sonesta call in line and email address, both designed to give our guests a direct line to engage with Sonesta about our program and are recording the number of calls/emails that come in. I work closely with our Marketing and Operations departments to scour the surveys that come in and we address trends that we see immediately, putting action plans into place designed to improve aspects of cleanliness and safety.


What’s next, what does the future hold for SSwS?

As we learn more about the Coronavirus, we will continue to partner with Ecolab, Inc and stay on top of the latest and most effective ways to keep our guests and employees safe. We will look for new ways to ensure we are executing our program at the highest levels, including a state-of-the-art robust internal auditing system designed to measure SSwS in action in our hotels. We will continue to seek out new ways to stay on the forefront of sanitation and cleanliness, including looking at touchless technology and implementing new and innovative ways to clean our guest rooms and public areas. Sonesta has always had a passion for exceeding our guest’s expectations, and we will continue to look for ways to ensure our guest’s ultimate satisfaction while keeping them safe.

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