Welcome to the latest feature in our hospitality leadership series. As the Sonesta portfolio has grown, we have welcomed new leaders and added new roles to help take us into our next chapter as one of the nation’s largest hotel brands.

Today we meet Sonesta’s CIO, Jeffrey Cohen, who joined the company in 2020. Jeffrey is a recognized technology leader who joins Sonesta with a background in healthcare technology, having served as chief information officer for The MENTOR Network and as vice president of IT for Magellan Biosciences, among other roles, prior to joining the Sonesta team.

Since joining Sonesta, Jeffrey has been recognized as a technology rockstar – literally – in this Hospitality Upgrade feature.

With the rapid growth of the Sonesta portfolio came many technology opportunities and challenges, and Jeffrey has led the way throughout conversions while also anticipating future technology needs to better serve Sonesta guests.

He and his team are planning a mobile app that reimagines the entire guest journey.

“We’ll deliver a contactless and seamless experience, of course, but we want to go beyond that,” he said. “Rather than just automating what we already do, we want to augment those services so that we deliver a unique value proposition to our guests through personalization.” He notes that the team wants to bring true innovation to hospitality, considering ideas such as an electronic concierge and enabling guests to do everything from booking a restaurant in real time to requesting specific items in their rooms, such as extra pillows or a bottle of champagne.

Behind the scenes there’s also plenty of work being done by Jeffrey and the technology team to scale and streamline processes to make hotel operations quicker and more efficient.

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