The Chase Park Plaza Royal Sonesta St. Louis has hosted many memorable guests throughout the years, including well-known figures such as Frank Sinatra and Jimmy Carter. Recently the hotel had a guest named Xavier who delighted everyone he came in contact with during his stay, due to his eagerness to assist other guests with their elevator travel needs, his lovely smile, and his dapper suits. During his recent stay, Xavier manned the hotel elevators all weekend long and helped other guests reach their floors. He did an excellent job!

From Xavier’s mother:

“Xavier was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder when he was 2 years old and speech apraxia when he was 3 years old. He has been fascinated with elevators as soon as he could reach the buttons from his stroller. As he has gotten older, his interest in elevators has expanded. We have rode almost every elevator in our home town of Columbia, Missouri and he has named most of them based on their location or any special characteristics. Xavier knows the names of most of the elevator manufactures and watches a fellow elevator enthusiast on YouTube, DiselDucy. DiselDucy (aka Andrew Reams) visits elevators and makes video of his “tours.” We know that Xavier’s love of elevators may seem strange to most people. However, he has so much fun riding different elevators and we will continue to support his passion as long as he continues to show interest. Our involvement in his interest has helped us expand communication with Xavier, teach social skills, and spend quality time with him. Of course, we enforce limitations and continually teach him elevator safety and proper etiquette. Xavier is never left alone on the elevators and we always provide constant supervision.We truly appreciate The Chase Park Plaza’s kindness and understanding of Xavier’s elevator passion. He is always happy to push the floor button for other guests and does not hold up the elevator for other riders. Unfortunately, not all business are as open minded.”

It was our pleasure to have Xavier as our guest, and we hope that he will #StaySonesta in our other hotels to discover each of our elevators, all ready to welcome him!