If you’ve been dreaming of a visit to Peru to enjoy its natural beauty, culture, art, history, and cuisine, you will want to learn about the latest offer from our Peru hotels!

Travel is all about experiences, and when you visit one of our Peru hotels, you are invited to take a free, private class with one of our hotel mixologists to learn how to prepare the world famous local favorite, the Pisco Sour.

After your lesson, you’ll enjoy the fruits of your labor, your delicious, custom-made Pisco Sour! If you’d like to book this #liquidart experience, contact the hotel front desk team at least 24 hours before and they will be happy to book the time and date for your class.

While you plan your trip, you’ll want to learn more about the traditional spirit that is Pisco.

Pisco is a brandy with a lot of personality, it contains between 42 and 52 degrees of alcohol, depending on the winery where it is made, and it is a distillate that comes from the fermentation of grapes, from the Cognac and Armagnac family. This liquor, originally from Peru, which has been a Cultural Heritage of the Nation since 1988, is perfectly colorless or with a slight amber tone, very fragrant, extremely seductive, and strong, but very delicate, with a marked fruit flavor. The name of this drink has a completely Peruvian origin. It comes from the place where the grapes were originally grown, in “Pisco”.

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If you aren’t traveling to Peru just yet, you can try some of these Pisco recipes at home.