Welcome to the latest feature in our Hospitality Leadership series! Today we feature Elizabeth Harlow, Sonesta’s Chief Marketing and Brand Officer. Elizabeth joined the Sonesta team in May, bringing two decades of hospitality experience to our growing company.

As part of her role leading marketing and brand initiatives for Sonesta, Elizabeth is responsible for brand recognition, implementing strategic objectives and revenue-driving marketing initiatives.

Elizabeth approaches marketing as “Part Art, Part Science”, knowing that decision making needs to be guided and rooted in data. This guiding principle applies across all aspects of brand and marketing verticals: from strategic branding and thinking to tactical decisions and channel management to human resource optimization. She knows that this can be achieved while concurrently, and essentially, building brands full of purpose and emotional connectivity to the customer.

Regarding Elizabeth’s role in the company, Sonesta’s COO Vera Manoukian shared the following:

“Elizabeth’s strong record of meaningfully engaging with customers will benefit Sonesta branded, managed and franchised properties. Her expertise in brand and service development, coupled with her understanding of both independent companies and large public enterprises, will be invaluable to Sonesta as we continue our journey of growth, expansion and increased market awareness.”

Elizabeth will be speaking at the Global Hospitality Summit on November 10 on How Hotel Brands Are Creating a Bright Hospitality Future.

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