They say you can often tell when you need a vacation when it feels like you “don’t have time” for it. Well, we’re here to say: take that vacation! Not only because you deserve it, but there are so many positive health benefits to traveling.

So, in honor of National Stress Awareness Month, here are just a few reasons why traveling could help you relax, renew, and refresh:

1. A change of scenery can help you relax.

The monotony of the daily grind can really chip away at your mental health, so try switching it up! Recent studies have reported that spending time in nature – even a regular walk in a city park – is linked to improvements in mood, mental health and emotional well-being. [Source: APA] Add these destinations to your travel list for a change of scenery:


2. Renew your outlook by experiencing new things.

Traveling and exploring new destinations exposes you to new cultures, new ideas and new people.  Immersing yourself in a new environment promotes creativity and expands your way of thinking. Try visiting these culturally-rich destinations:

3. Refresh your mind by unplugging.

You have to unplug to be able to recharge your batteries. Just like your body, your brain works less efficiently when it’s fatigued. Studies show that unplugging from your phone or computer or resting your mind – even for a little bit – helps you be more productive. Try these Sonesta Hotels & Resorts with on-site spa amenities that will help you recharge.

So whether it means squeezing in a long weekend getaway, splurging on that much-needed family vacation, or escaping somewhere local for a staycation, a little travel will go a long way in helping you destress.