Meridian 98 Bar_Bee CaveFrom the bar of Meridian 98 | Sonesta Bee Cave Austin – ALL NEW DESTINATION  

Homemade Hot Chocolate Ingredients

2 tablespoons          Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

1-2 tablespoons       Sugar (depending on how sweet you like it)

1 cup                          Milk or any combination of Milk, Half-and-Half, or Cream

1/4 teaspoon           Vanilla Extract

Pinch of Salt

Drink Ingredients

3 ounces                    Our Homemade Hot Chocolate

1 ounce                     Crème de Cacao Dark

1 ounce                     Bailey’s

3/4 ounce                 Vanilla-infused vodka


Directions: Garnish with a white-chocolate peppermint stick, or crushed peppermint rim