These days, the internet plays a crucial role for travelers, whether you’re visiting on business and need to exchange documents with the main office or enjoying a family vacation and need to stay in touch with loved ones back home. That’s why over the past year, we’ve added technology to all our U.S. hotels—Royal Sonesta, Sonesta Hotels & Resorts, and Sonesta ES Suites—that gives you free access to our internal wireless high-speed internet, no matter where in the hotel you’re inclined to email, browse or surf. It’s just another way Sonesta strives to make all our guests feel like part of our community.unnamed-2

Our free Wi-Fi service now offers speeds of 3MBps (megabytes per second) for downloads and 1 MBps for uploads. And if you’re traveling with a family that’s completely “plugged in,” you won’t pay extra for those additional laptops, tablets or phones; we’ve doubled our device limit from 3 to 6.

We also recognize that travelers want choice when it comes to Wi-Fi. So for guests requiring faster speeds, we offer enhanced Wi-Fi at an additional cost. The enhancement gives you access to an increased speed of 5 MBps for downloads and 2 MBps for uploads, with no limit on the number of devices.

What’s more, if you’re a Travel Pass member, you’ll receive the enhanced access at no cost. It’s our thanks to you for continued trust in us, and just another way that being a Travel Pass member pays. If you’re not a Travel Pass member, sign up here for free—and your member benefits apply immediately.

Stay with Sonesta, and enjoy free Wi-Fi, all the time.