Did you know that New Orleans is home to the #2 museum in the US and the world?

The National WWII Museum, which is the #1 attraction in the city, holds both honors, and once you visit the expansive property you can easily understand why. More of an immersion in history than just a museum, your journey starts when you are assigned a card featuring a real person whose history you can follow at points throughout your visit.

Enter the main exhibits via a train “ride” experience that puts you in the shoes of someone heading off to the war.


The darkened train car, sounds, and sights going by on screens around you make for a realistic “travel” experience that really sets the tone for the rest of the experience.


Getting to know the story of an individual, in the context of such a large scale operation, makes the experience that much more meaningful and real and makes each visitor’s experience unique.


The National WWII Museum has something to see at every turn, and you could easily spend more than day taking in all of the sights and reading the vast amount of information available to visitors. In fact, the museum has over 250,000 artifacts and over 9,000 personal accounts used in both exhibits and for research.


From planes to tanks to guns and other machinery used in the war, the many artifacts lend an impressive three dimensional aspect throughout.


In addition to historical facts and the tools of war, the museum really goes into the social aspect of the time, sharing a substantial look at communications and sentiment as well as delving into life on the home front and how the war changed so many parts of everyday existence. The posters, photos, recordings, and replicas truly mix in an emotional aspect with more straightforward facts and timelines.






Current exhibits include the Road to Tokyo and the Road to Berlin, along with a special, locally-focused exhibit The Pelican State Goes to War, which highlights Louisiana’s place in World War II. For those who want to be even more a part of living history, opportunities to ride aboard a PT-305 on Lake Pontchartrain are available.

The National WWII Museum is really something that needs to be experienced in order to comprehend its vast collection of information, multimedia assets, knowledgeable volunteers, and collection of war-time artifacts. Start planning your trip to New Orleans by visiting the Royal Sonesta New Orleans website and booking your stay in The Big Easy.