They say stepping into someone else’s shoes is the best way to learn and gain perspective; The Chase Park Plaza Royal Sonesta St. Louis management team is doing just that! In the spring of 2017, The Chase launched an initiative called “A Day in the Life”, where members of the management team swap their regular job for a line-level position in one of the operational departments for one day. This program allows the management team to gain a unique understanding of hospitality operations, as well as what it takes to perform the different roles that are essential to the hotel’s success each day!

The “Day in the Life” program also allows executives to build stronger relationships with employees they may not normally have the chance to. They learn of the daily challenges, opportunities and personal goals of those under their wings. Housekeepers, greeters, cooks, and laundry attendants are just a few of the many positions these executives have stepped into. Check out a few of their fun experiences below!

Paul Filla, GM.jpg

Pictured here is General Manager Paul Filla spending an afternoon in the Chase Club kitchen with cook Calvin. When catching up with Paul, he mentioned how he’s “learned so much each and every time about the coach and team that might not have otherwise been possible”. He feels the opportunity to spend time with different employees is “truly a gift”.

Stephanie Girard, HRD

Our Human Resources Director Stephanie Girard put her people skills to a new test as she helped sign in Santé Fitness guests at the Front Desk. She also prepared smoothies at the Smoothie Bar with reception agent Estevan!

Frederik Houben, DOS

Director of Sales Frederik Houben got a sweet deal working aside chefs in the pastry kitchen. Frederik learned about the magnitude that goes into preparing decadent treats not only for large in-house events, but for the restaurants as well. He said his hands have never felt softer than after cutting up 9 lbs of butter!

The Chase Park Plaza strives to create amazing moments for their guests each day. Through “A Day in the Life”, our management team gets a better idea of how the magic happens!