The Chase Park Plaza Royal Sonesta Hotel is committed to being more sustainable and environmentally friendly. In honor of Earth Day, we’re showcasing all the ways The Chase goes green, from housing rooftop honeybees to removing all plastic straws at the hotel to cleaning up Forest Park!

Rooftop Honeybees

In order to support the honeybee population, which has taken a sharp decline in recent years, The Chase’s culinary team installed two rooftop hives, containing 10,000 honeybees each. It is estimated that the hives now contain 80,000-100,000 honeybees which are producing fresh, organic local honey. The honeybees help to pollinate Forest Park and the Central West End neighborhood, while the honey they produce is proudly used in the hotel’s Chase Club and Preston restaurants to create unique and flavorful dishes and cocktails. The team harvested the first batch of honey this past fall.


Compost & Micro Greenery

In 2018, The Chase began participating in an Organic Food Waste Program that is reducing the hotel’s overall waste by 40-50 percent. Each month, the hotel diverts an average of 9,800 pounds of waste from the landfill. The Chase buys back an average of 40 pounds of nutrient-rich compost per month for their kitchen’s micro-greenery, which is used for growing basil, mustard greens, arugula, beets, kale, radishes, and more. They’ve even starting a tomato garden! All greens harvested are used in dishes prepared for the hotel’s restaurants, Chase Club and Preston.



The Chase has taken additional steps to ensure recycling is convenient for each guest. The hotel currently recycles an average of 1,000 tons per month, which equates to 12,000 tons per year. With the addition of recycling bins in each of the 398 guest rooms, The Chase estimates that the amount they currently recycle will continue to increase.

Skip the Straw

In an effort to support and preserve marine life, The Chase is making a difference through their “Skip the Straw” initiative. For nearly two years, The Chase has offered only paper straws upon request and has eliminated all plastic straws in the Chase Club and Preston restaurants.

Forest Park

The Chase Park Plaza’s Culture of Caring team spent an afternoon helping clean up Forest Park. The team took to the trails of the park’s northeast corner and picked up trash and debris. Located right across the street from the hotel, Forest Park is the seventh largest urban park in the United States and boasts over 1,200 acres of natural beauty. Forest Park is a beloved oasis to all St. Louisans and the Culture of Caring team plans to continue helping keep it clean.



At The Chase Park Plaza, every day is Earth Day. Their passion behind sustainability is making a difference each and every day in the St. Louis community. How are you celebrating Earth Day? How do you go green?

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