Sonesta has created a new series intended to give you a chance to take a peek behind the scenes to  meet some of our team and to see how we make the magic happen. This series, entitled “A Day in the Life” will cross reference each of the articles as they are published.


Meet Bethania, one of our housekeepers at  Sonesta ES Suites Providence.

What do you love most about your job?

Cleaning really just makes me happy. I like maintaining the hotel and my guest’s rooms, so they truly feel at home. With a long term stay, the guests begin to feel like family.

What would surprise others about your job?

I guess what is most surprising would be how messy people can be. Occasionally guests truly just leave their room dirty! It makes me wonder how they live when they are at home?


What are the skills needed to be successful as a housekeeper?

Above all – treat the guest well and greet them whenever you see them. It helps make them comfortable. Comfort of the guest is always at the fore. Right now, that means letting them see how thoroughly a room is cleaned so they can rest easy.

Ensure that everything is in its place and stick with your routine. That also confirms that you’ve cleaned everything when the rooms start to blur together at the end of your shift.

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