July 30 is recognized by the United Nations as World Day Against Trafficking in Persons. As hotel employees, we know that we at Sonesta are in a unique position to learn to identify and report suspicious activity in our communities. We are proud to be champions for children and to be supporters of ECPAT USA.


In 2016, Sonesta began its formal partnership with ECPAT, pledging to join the effort to end human trafficking around the world and committing to the ECPAT Code. The Code’s mission is to increase awareness and provide tools and support to those who work in the tourism industry, all with the goal of preventing the sexual exploitation of children, a crime which affects more than 1.8 million young people annually, according to ECPAT.

“Sonesta is proud to partner with ECPAT-USA as the leading anti-child trafficking organization in the US. Trafficking intersects with virtually every facet of the travel industry, but is especially challenging in hotels,” said Jennifer Rausch, VP Human Resources at Sonesta. “The Code has helped focus our Culture of Caring efforts in this area – including training of our front lines in the hotel and company-wide awareness of the part we play in ending child trafficking.”

Throughout the years, we have shown our support through fundraising and raising awareness about trafficking on Shine a Light on Slavery Day and during Human Trafficking Awareness Month. As long as human trafficking exists, we remain committed to doing what we can to help stop it.


To learn more about tools and resources for hotels, visit the ECPAT website.