September 27 is observed by the United Nations World Tourism Organization as World Tourism Day. While this day allows us to focus on the value of responsible and sustainable tourism, it also allows us to highlight our unique position as an industry to help protect children from trafficking and sexual exploitation. Sonesta has partnered with ECPAT USA to support their ongoing efforts to end trafficking of children. In 2016 we signed The Code at the Global Business Travel Conference, stating our commitment increase awareness and provide tools and support to those who work in the tourism industry, all with the goal of preventing the sexual exploitation of children.

Throughout the year we participate in a variety of ways to continue to bring to light the presence of human trafficking and to help our teams learn to recognize and report signs of trafficking. All of our hotel employees are required to complete the course “Preventing Human Trafficking”. On World Tourism Day, we will again emphasize the importance of keeping an eye out for signs of human trafficking and will engage with our hotel teams on the correct actions to take if trafficking is suspected. We all have a responsibility and an opportunity to protect children, and our partnership with ECPAT helps us to make this a regular part of our daily work.

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